Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coffee, Tea, or Salt?!?

Ready this weekend:
Below: Coffee & Cream (Made with layered Coffee soap and Heavy Cream soap
with Very Finely Ground Coffee Beans scented with a Rich
Mocha, Vanilla, & Coffee Blended Fragrance)
Below:  Black Tea with Honey & Lemon (Made with Real Black Tea, Honey, &
Lemon Juice Scented with Deep Black Tea and Bright Lemon)
Below:  Our Luxury Spa Salt Bar from the new Squeaky Green Line Coming Soon!
(This is a wonderful Vegan Spa Salt Bar scented with Light and Fresh Cucumber & Watercress)
If early testing is any indicator, this one is definitely a keeper!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barroom Hero Collection of Beer Soaps Coming Soon!

I'm so excited about the new "Barroom Hero" Collection of Beer Soaps that have been in the works!  I keep going over everything and somehow keep adding to the fragrances I have on my list.  It is now up to almost 12 different types of beer soaps that are planned, all made with home brewed beer courtesy of my friend Jim in New Jersey.....Thanks Jim and Toni for the wonderful beer that goes into making these soaps so special!  Check out the pic below for a sneak peak at one of the first round of 3 batches that were made and will be ready right before Christmas.  This is "Johnny", a very masculine, heady fragrance that easily takes you back in time.  I love this scent!  Other batches to come very, very soon (Oatmeal Stout, Sweet Berry Porter, Honey Ale, Pumpkin Lager, Bay Rum, Sweet Tobacco, Moroccan Spice, to name a few).  Check back for updates.....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Website is LIVE!

Woohoo! The website is finally up and running!  We have a ton of work ahead of us as far as getting all of our product pictures and descriptions finalized and posted, but we are excited to have the site running and open for viewing.

Do take a peek and check back often for updates and all sorts of goodies!

Here is a link to our site - www.13thmooncreations.com