Friday, January 14, 2011

Honey, Valentine's Day is Coming!

I returned to soapmaking for the first time in almost four weeks between the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  It is always interesting to return after a small break.  I wonder, will the process be kind and forgiving or will it be a brutal disaster, angry that I have been away?  I know it sounds silly, but you cannot help but wonder, the process seems to take on a life of it's own once it starts.  But, I anxiously awaited the moment that I could begin working on the Valentine's line since that would bring about my return to my love, Cold Process Soapmaking.  Those four weeks seemed like an eternity that I had been away. 

I have been bugging Dan for months, "I really want to make a honey soap with this fantastic honey fragrance I got, but I'm so bored with the typical golden brown, uncolored bar of honey soap, as beautiful as they are, I want something different for us, you know, something"  Well, this turned into my bringing up the possibility of making the bar 3 layers of yellow, black, yellow, to look like a bee's abdomen, I jokingly have referred to this as our "Bee Butt" soap..... So, it had been a long time of planning, and I am not the most patient, so I was both excited and nervous as working with honey can be tricky since the sugars heat up the mixture and can make you have to work fast, really fast.  Didn't know how pretty it would be, would I be able to pour this beautifully into the mold, or will it trace too quickly and lump up so that it can only be plopped in a spoonful at a time, then mashed down?  Please, Soap Gods, let this pour beautifully at just the right time.......please, Selena, work fast enough.

And the race begins........
I have everything ready and set up, colorants awaiting raw soap emulsion to be blended in, fragrance and honey added to oils, everything very cool to give me more time to work......and alas, my darling friend has remembered me and welcomed me back with open arms, I thank you.  The fragrance is amazing, as I started to pour the yellow into the mold, I realized that I still had plenty of time, and I just HAD to swirl this one, so, after the mold was about half full, I poured some black into the yellow and swirled with a chopstick, beautiful, still plenty of time to work.  I then poured a layer of black over the layer of swirled, then finished up with the remaining yellow as the last layer, and textured the top as if it were cake icing (see below). 

As soon as this was done, I immediately asked, "What about Buzzz Word?"  So, the picture above is of, Buzzz Word, our take on a Honey Soap......We have also made a wonderful Honey Beer Soap for our guys in our Barroom Hero Collection, our Pale Honey Ale accompanies Buzzz Word along with linen spray and some other goodies in our Valentine's Day Couples Honey Gift Set.....Treat yourself and your Honey for Valentine's Day!   These will be available the last weekend in January (via me through email or at Chamaeleon Boutique in Ambler, PA)........More pictures coming soon.....See beow for a pic of all the upcoming soaps we just created!  The Pale Honey Ale Beer Soap & Buzzz Word Honey Soap are the ones to the right.  The swirled bar in the front of the "tub" is "Wanderlust....more on that and others to come.....

So excited about the new year already and I hope you are, too........stay tuned for more updates.......


"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

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