Monday, March 28, 2011

"They call me the Wild Rose, but my name was Alisa Day"

“Do you know where the wild roses grow.......So sweet and scarlet and free?”

This was truly a labor of love….you see, Rose and I just have never gotten along, ever.  Don’t like it, gives me a headache, just can’t ever seem to work with it.  Well, I just couldn’t resist testing myself.  My challenge for myself: create a rose blend that a rose lover or one that does not particularly care for rose can both love and wear.  Since I have a love for Amber, I decided to start out with the main notes being Baby Rose and Amber.  I added in a bit of Rosehip, Oakmoss, and some others, it was nice, but it seemed to be missing something.  I added just a touch of Jasmine after about a week, and that seemed to be it.  It created a warm, romantic scent that you can pick up on the Rose a lot, but it’s not overpowering, very feminine, very beautiful.  So, finally pleased with the fragrance, and inspired by the upcoming Jim Thorpe Burlesque Fest, I decided to make a few very decadent specialty soaps to pamper the ladies, the first being Alisa Day…….

Having grown up with a love of Nick Cave, one of my favorite songs is “Where the Wild Roses Grow”.  The chorus: “They call me the Wild Rose, But my name was Alisa Day.  Why they call me that I do not know.  For my name was Alisa Day.”  So, from the very beginning, if I was going to make a successful Amber Rose blend, it would be called “Alisa Day”.

I already knew I wanted to use double strength Rosehip Tea as my liquid, I really love Rosehip Tea in soap, it leaves a very pretty light rose color.  I set aside a few ounces of the tea to mix my decadent additives while it was still hot; Silk Powder, French Pink Clay, and White Kaolin Clay.  Since I can never resist Coconut Milk for its rich, creamy texture, I added Coconut Milk Powder as well.  Wow, this is going to be beautiful!

Once the tea was cool, I measured out what I needed for my lye mixture, less the few ounces that was used to mix in the goodies, and several ounces of ice to cool the mixture down a bit.  My oils already measured and mixed, I added my tea/clay/silk mixture to my oils, blended very well, then added that beautiful fragrance blend, and mixed some more.  Once fully mixed, and lye mixture fully cooled, it was time to get to work.

I strained my lye mixture into my oil blend, then got the stick blender ready.  To my surprise, this didn’t trace as quickly as I was expecting with the floral notes, it actually soaped beautifully.  I poured into two silicone loaf molds once at a light trace, once it started to set up a little bit, I textured the top a little.  I cut these into a little bit of a smaller, but wider bar since I know some women prefer the smaller bars that fit beautifully into their hand.  It’s still a nice, big chunky bar, but it is not as long or wide, but is thicker.  They are topped with a beautiful single rosebud.  I am so happy with the way they turned out, they are just fully cured and ready to be packaged for their debut at the Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival!  Come join us on April 2-3, 2011 for the Burlesque Bazaar!

How could I forget, also, making her debut at the event will be “Silk Stockings”, our other Silk Luxury Bar inspired by the beautiful ladies of Burlesque.  This lightly feminine fragrance lingers just enough after using the bar, which is off-white in color due to the Coconut Milk, has soft silk added, and just for fun, inspired by the line running up the back of old silk stockings, I drizzled some fine black swirls throughout the batch, and used a new technique to texture the tops.  What a beautiful bar of soap!